Our Board of Directors

Career-Confidence.org’s Board of Directors exists to ensure that the organization is functioning properly. While most new initiatives will be conceived by our volunteers, experts, donors and vendors, the Board will give their input and guidance. Just like the rest of the organization, the Board is dedicated to serving those who find themselves unexpectedly needing employment.

Cheryl Butler, Board Chairwoman

Cheryl started out as an attendee of Career-Confidence.org and earned her position as Board Chairwoman. She is a Communications Professional with a Marketing, Digital and Educational Management background. Her experience is valued as part of a team that helps with difficult situations behind the scenes. 

Richard Taylor, Treasurer

Richard is Senior Vice President – Corporate Controller at ICF. Richard was responsible for setting up the financial management infrastructure for Career-Confidence.org to grow into a large national organization.

Sara Bridwell, Board Member

Sara is the Managing Principle of HR Leverage LLC. She is a long time HR professional with a gift for connecting with people. Sara’s contributions include laying the groundwork for developing a nationwide curriculum.

Stacey Hardy, Board Advisor

She is currently the Vice President of Operations for the Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation. She is a 18 year veteran of start up non-profit startups. She holds a Masters’ Degree in Non-Profit Management from the University of Maryland.

Robert Brandau, Founding Director

As the founder of Career-Confidence.org, Robert declined to be a voting member of the Board of Directors because he wants there to be transparency in all activities. He is currently focused on setting up the organization to thrive and grow into a nationally valued resource. In his capacity as a recruiter and sales consultant, he remains committed and dedicated to the success of both job seekers, and locally-owned firms.

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